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Building Information Modelling

The key to BIM is creating the 3D model


Building Information Modelling

BIM – Building Information Modelling is the latest industry development driven by the Governments requirement to deliver level 2 BIM by 2016 on all public projects. The essence of BIM is to incorporate all elements of a buildings construction, development, and future running within one controlled 3D model.

The key to BIM is creating the 3D model, and with the latest laser scanning technology we can provide the 3D point cloud used to create this model. Our 3D point clouds can be read into AutoCAD or Revit using the Cloudworks plug-in and enable proficient personnel to create the project model.

Whilst Point cloud data provides the best foundation for creating a model we are able to create similar models using conventional land surveying methods.

But why stop at (BIM)?

Information modelling can be used on any project at all. Why not model a road to link in all of the relevant information?

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